Spinning your wheels trying to find high quality clients that are ready to pay you top dollar for the services you provide?

Dying to have a bursting pipeline?

Maybe even… A client waiting list? 😱

A marketing plan that you actually understand and can implement, instead of feeling confused and unsure if anything you are doing is working?

A plan that provides strong, consistent leads?

Let me let you in on a little secret….

One that many business owners are missing that can create a huge impact in their business.


You may have heard of Linkedin.. You may even be ON Linkedin.

But 99% of business owners aren’t using it correctly.

Implementing a Linkedin plan is one of the best things you can do for your business, especially as all the social platforms shift and algorithms change. Linkedin is an unexplored territory, with endless opportunities available.

Are you posting the right content to speak to potential clients? Do you have a strong strategy in place to bring you consistent leads? Are you unsure if anything you are doing is right, or you don’t even know where to start?

Then you need LINKED ACADEMY.

I’ll walk you through how to not only set up your profile, grow your connections and turn them into warm leads and MASTER Linkedin. 

Then, how to accelerate your success with LinkedAds.
- it's time to take control of your lead gen -
I know, I know - another confusing platform.

But here’s the thing - it isn’t.

LinkedIn is simple to use, business oriented, and full of businesses (and CLIENTS) looking to get ahead and hire the right people for their business.

So, what if i told you that implementing LinkedIn you can create consistent revenue and clients...or that by adding LinkedIn to your portfolio you could add 5 figures a month (or more) to your monthly recurring revenue seamlessly?

Maybe it would change your mind a bit if you knew that LinkedIn Ads were a completely uncharted territory, with many business professionals looking to get ahead, but not knowing how to harness the power of (or even start with) LinkedIn Ads

Until you show them. 
So who am I anyways?

I am Chris Wiser.

Serial Entrepreneur.  Sales Trainer.   Lead Gen Master.

I started on doing lead generation using LinkedIn all the way back in 2007.  Yea the Internet barely existed and Facebook was just a baby.

I have been building and selling companies ever since.

Lead generation and building sales teams has been something I loved ever since I can remember being in business.  You HAVE to build a sales first mindset into your business, and with that you can achieve anything!

I cannot wait to help you build your new LEAD MACHINE!

Linked Academy is 3 Modules...
Each with a specific focus, and all done at your own pace, with the support you and information you need to CRUSH YOUR RESULTS!

"LinkedIn launched in 2003 and I first signed up in 2008. Here I am 10 years later and I've probably done more with it in the last year than the previous 9.  
But to be honest, I think I did what I did, just to have a presence on LinkedIn. I never really used it to mine the gold, to really make connections with the intent to help others with the knowledge I have in my area of expertise, and actually get meetings and close deals from it. 

Using the methods Chris teaches in his Linked Academy course, I've learned so much more about what Linked In can do for me and how I can make connections that matter. It is best to learn from an expert, and approach it with strategy... with systems and processes that are designed to make the most of our limited time as busy business owners. Systems and processes that you can easily replicate, that you can go through and create for your organization, fine tune, and then delegate. 

After going through Chris' course, I now have those tools in my arsenal to use my time wisely and make a noticeable difference in my sales & marketing."

- Fred Hughes, Founder & CEO, Phoenix Technology Solutions
How Will Linked Academy
  •  Multiple Modules Covering Everything You Need to Know about LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Ads: 30+ Videos with Full Unrestricted Access to Course Materials for LIFE ($997 Value)
  •  Technical Step by Step Approach with Video Walkthroughs: Learn How to Use the LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Ads Platform on Video - Pause as You Watch to 'Try and Go'
  •  Access to My Private Student Group on Facebook: Collaboration is KEY to success. Join my entire group of current and past students in a members only private group ($997 Value)
  •  Access to My Custom Sales Funnels: Done for You Importable Sales Pages - Optin Pages/Webinars/AutoWebinars and MORE! ($997 Value)
  •  LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls with Chris Wiser: Regular IN PERSON access to coaching with Chris Wiser on a live interactive call ($997 Value)
- start predicting your sales funnel -
Look what these happy students have to say about my previous courses and their incredible results ......

“I had found leads through Facebook and Instagram for YEARS, and wanted to add a new lead system. 

LinkedIn is completely different, and completely targeted towards high end clients. 

By implementing Chris’s program I was able to learn new things about Instagram that not only helped establish me as an expert, but also is making me and my clients way more money through LinkedIn.”

- Shelby Kincer, Founder & CEO, Two Bears Marketing